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28 Years Service to Community


BRENTLEY INSTITUTE was founded 28 years ago with strict purposes of providing quality education/placement opportunities for people deserving to work in the security industry. We are a collection of educators with many and varied experiences in adult education.  BRENTLEY has over 49 years of experience in areas that directly impact the security/loss prevention discipline.  Our excellent instructors are dedicated to adult education with an emphasis directed to the economic issues of 2017, and beyond.   In achieving this educational/job placement objective, BRENTLEY endeavors to maximize instruction to those students with the ability to benefit.

A graduate of BRENTLEY INSTITUTE has a decided advantage over other graduates in private security, in that the quality and integrity of the educational program is exceptional. It is the goal of the Institute to continue delivering the best education and superior training to women and men at a reasonable cost.  SEE FINANCIAL AID SERVICES DROP DOWN (under more)

OUR MISSION:  Realistic approach delivering adult educational services in private security and molding private investigators.

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-Brentley History-

Until 1992, the State of Ohio allowed private security schools to administer their own “in-house" examinations.  Security officers were approved and certified by the State on the basis of pass/fail information provided by a particular school while the school created, administered, and graded the final examination.   

Brentley was instrumental in spearheading the standardization of all private security schools in the State of Ohio.  (we assisted in writing the first curriculum for the private security O.P.O.T.A. course.) This meant testing became a function of the OPOTA, which, subsequently, took the testing function from individual schools - there had to be some legitimacy if the private security industry was to thrive or even survive.  


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                 WE ARE EXCITED TO OFFER TRAINING IN AKRON                                                                       BEGINNING JUNE 2017

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We are offering our private security classes in: Dayton, Toledo, and Hillsboro (Highland County) Ohio!!